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Yeah, it’s true. No matter how crowded or noisy a place is, you seem to hear your name when called. 

I experienced this phenomenon first hand while walking in downtown Davidson, North Carolina.  Seemingly, out of the blue I heard my name bouncing off of an old brick wall. Surprised, I looked ahead and then behind me to learn the origin. 

“Over here,” a voice commanded. 

I looked to my left just as a business colleague ran frantically across the street. 

“Hey man, you need to see this,” he said excitedly.

“Oh, cool. Your author business card. It looks nice,” I complimented.

“Yeah,” he began. “I decided to brand myself as an author. That’s why I have these cards.”

“Okay,” I said. “But, what about your writing? When are you going to release your first book?”

There was silence.

You see, you can’t build a brand without a product.
And, it’s even worse if the product isn’t any good. That would be like taking an old empty case and painting over it. You might hide a few flaws, but, you still have an empty case. In the end, you still have nothing..

Here’s the deal: As an entrepreneur, you must remember that your number one marketing and branding responsibility is to produce a great product first. Until you do that, nothing else matters.