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Without a doubt, integrating social media into your marketing strategy is a must. Still, you should exercise care when doing so. Make a few wrong moves and all of your hard work will go down the drain. Well, we’re not going to let that happen. Here are four social media traps you need to avoid:

1. Posting without a purpose
Before you post anything on Twitter, Instgram or any other social site, you must ask yourself the simple one-word question: Why? 

In other words, why am I about to Tweet this message? How does it fit into our overall marketing strategy? 

If your primary goal is to win fans and you regularly tweet about your favorite football team, then there needs to be a connection between the two. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time.

When you post with a purpose, your posts become focused and beneficial for your intended audience. Do that enough, and you will achieve your goals.

2. Selling your stuff
Imagine sitting at your dinner table when the phone rings. Yeah, it’s another telemarketer. 

How do you feel? 


Yup, like you, people don’t want to be interrupted, and they don’t want to be sold stuff on their social media feed. 

So, don’t do it. 

Instead, be relentless about adding value.

For example, if you publish relationship apps, offer tips on how couples can be romantic after Valentine’s Day has long gone. 

Let’s say that you sell presentation templates. Offer a critique of a State of the Union address or some other presentation. You can spread these tips out over many Tweets or FaceBook posts, for example.

Now, one final note: Whatever you do, make sure that it’s part of a bigger marketing strategy.

3. Not being personal
Sometimes customers don’t want to hear or read about your products. Sometimes, they want to know about you. So, get personal. 

Here’s how: Let’s say that the worst storm in 22-years hits your town, and your power goes out. Share how you felt. Talk about your fears. Explain how this time made you appreciate the simple things in life. Talk about how it affected your business. Yeah, real stuff, man.

Here’s the deal, my friend. Customers want to know who you are. They want to know what you are like as a person. Well, the best way to answer this question is by sharing the real you. 

4. Frequently changing your voice
Your social media voice must match your brand personality. If you are serious, then make your Tweets, Facebook 
posts, and Instagram updates serious. If you are naturally comedic, then be comedic.

But don’t be schizophrenic. Brands need to be consistent in order to stick.

There they are.

Now, go market and brand like a boss.